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Posted: 2 months ago
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Ground Navigator 3D Gold Detector2020


ground navigator 3d okm 2020  inAbu Dhabi


3D Gold Detector Ground Navigator


The Perfect 3D Metal Detector and Ground Scanner from OKM's famous FutureSeries,

For Treasure Hunters and archaeology and Gold Seekers


Through a three-dimensional imaging technology, a special probe is usedto conduct a three-dimensional spatial survey of the ground in a specificsearch area.


In this release, the super sensor design has been modified to improveperformance to ensure more accurate and reliable search results.

The main unit of Ground Navigator 2 has also been modified and includesa larger and colourful touch screen with an updated program available inseveral languages for easy modification and adjustment of device settings


The device is multipurpose metal detector with wide range of practicalapplications, including:

•           Detect gold treasures,golden objects such as ornaments, coins, statues.

•           Find precious metalssuch as copper, silver and platinum.

•           Cavity detection liketunnels, chambers, graves and so on.

•           Archaeologicalexcavations


- Operating Modes


3D Ground Navigator2  includesthree operating modes for different applications

It can be selected from menu on touch screen.


1 – 3D Ground Scan Mode:


2 – Magnetometer Mode:


3 – Discrimination Mode:


Okm Metal Detector Tools
optimize your work with 3D Ground Scanner byusing the optional Power Pack as well as the Mounting Kit for Power Pack.

Please subscribe to our YouTube channel for more info about thisdevice and other devices:



Order your device nowby contact with us via following contacts:


Mobile1: 971503380055

web: https://www.goldendetector.com/en/ground-navigator-3d-okm

ouraddress on map: https://goo.gl/maps/S2HsTUdBVC1y6zAx7

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