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Posted: 3 weeks ago
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CobraGX 8000 | Powerful Multi-Systems Metal Detector

COBRAGX 8000 Multi-Purpose Metal Detector – 6 Search Systems

COBRAGX 8000 is a new metal detector with innovative new technology from Geoground-Germany for metal detection and treasure hunting.

Thisdevice introduces an all one device for all applications for the goldprospector and professional treasure hunter via its integrated tools andfeatures


- 6search systems with different detection technologies including:

1 –Long Range Locator (Single)

2 –Long Range Locator (Dual)

3 –Long Range Locator (Free Mode)

4 –Ion System

5 –Ionic System

6 –Bionic System

- 12Programs for detection of all metal types including:

GoldTreasure - Gold Ore - Gold Veins- Silver – Bronze - Copper

Diamond– Gemstones – Platinum – Iron – Cavity - Free Mode

-Adjustable Scan Range: 0-2000 meter

-Custom Search Depth Range: 0 – 40 meters

-Easy to use GUI program with multiple language support.

CobraGX 8000 is available now in 2020 at affordable prices.

Justcall us and order your device now


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