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Posted: 2 months ago
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Cobra Gx 8000multi-systems gold detector

Getnow a gold and metal detector at the best price and the highest quality andaccuracy in identifying targets

forthe first time in one metal detector device, six search systems with differentdetection technologies

Cobra Gx 8000includesall tools and functions for prospectors for various applications and tasksrelated to treasure hunting and metal detection activities.

Withsix different search systems that work according to most of the metal searchtechnologies that have been discovered to date


the device applications and practical uses:

•             Search for buried gold treasuresExample: jar filled with gold coins – golden statue – ornaments such asbracelet or ring

•             Excavation of ancient monumentslike old weapons such as daggers and swords – metal tools for plowing – jewelry– precious metal objects

•             Search for metals of variousferrous metals such as iron, non-ferrous metals such as silver, copper,aluminum …

•             Discover ancient and modern coinsmade of different metals such as gold – silver – copper – bronze.

Cobra Gx 8000available now with free shipping worldwide viaDHL.

Contact us to know the price, payment methods,and shipping details

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