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Posted: 3 months ago
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Gold Star 3D Scanner The latest metal detectorfor prospectors and treasure hunters / new product for 2021

Gold Star 3D Scanner a new innovative metaldetector and 3D ground scanner with new detection technologies and powerfultools to help prospectors and treasure hunters to find deep-buried treasures.


Device Features:

-  8 search systems for different metal detectionpurposes and applications

 - Long-Rangedetection technology with 2500 m scan range and 50 m depth

 - New 3D groundscan technology with deep depth reach.

-  Visual results display onthe colored LCD screen or included Android Tablet.

-  Analysis app on tabletoffer 3D visualization and powerful results analysis tools

 - Multilanguagesoftware program offers ease of use and full control and options for search andresult visualization via its charts, graphs, and icons.


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Gold Star 3D Scanner available now with freeshipping worldwide via DHL.

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