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Posted: 2 months ago
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Are you looking for thebest gold and metal detector?

Golden DetectorInternational offers you the best device to detect gold and minerals due to itsmany advantages and systems

Gold Star 3D ScannerGolden detector offers the prospector of ancient antiquities and the seeker forburied treasures at great depths, the best integrated and comprehensivesolution in terms of the multiplicity of search technologies available in thedevice, as well as practical applications and uses in the field of metal detection.

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An integratedmulti-functional device that combines a professional metal detector and a 3Dground scanner with high-quality all-terrain performance and accurate, reliableresults.


Eight different search systems that include the latestdevelopments in the field of mineral search techniques, with wide options toadjust search parameters to suit various factors such as the nature of the land,the terrain, the goal of the search, and the nature of buried targets




1 – Manual Long-Range Locator [MANUAL LRL]

2 – Automatic Long-Range Locator [AUTO LRL]

3 – Control Long-Range Locator [CTRL LRL]

4 – Ionic System [IONIC]

5 – Bionic System [BIONIC]

6 – Live Stream System [LIVE STREAM]

7 – 3D Ground Scan System [GROUND SCAN]

8 – Pin Pointer System [PINPOINTER]

- Front scan range: 3000 m

 -Depth range: 50 m

- Powerful modern software programenables easy settings adjustment and results in a display

- 5 Years warranty

Gold Star 3D Scanner available now with freeshipping worldwide via DHL.

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