Ad Posting Policies

The following activities are prohibited from Globazzar:

• Posting an item for sale that is illegal to own, buy or sell in your area of residence.
• Posting an item for sale that is in the prohibited items and services list.
• Posting duplicate ads in multiple categories.
• Posting ads using multiple different email addresses.
• Posting an ad that serves no other purpose other than to send traffic to a web site.
• Posting a multi-level marketing or other prohibited job.
• Posting an ad containing a list of keywords not directly related to the item being sold.
• Posting an ad in languages other than English and French.
• Posting an ad that contains adult, mature or erotic content. Personals are not allowed.
• Posting an ad that defames anyone or contains "hate speech".
• Posting opinions, notices, and discussion topics which should instead be posted on social media sites.
• Posting an ad in an incorrect or misleading category or with misleading information.
• Posting an ad that violates Globazzar's Pet Posting Policies.
• Posting an ad that violates Globazzar's Equality in Housing policy.
• Posting as a Private Seller, Owner, or Individual when you are a Business, Dealer or Professional.