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Posted: 4 months ago
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White’s Goldmaster GMT 9000

an excellent high-frequency VLF detector isWhite’s Goldmaster GMT. With an operating frequency of 48kHz and a 6” x 9”search coil, it’s capable of finding small nuggets of gold while handling highlevels of ground mineralization.

GMT 9000 - Gold Nuggets Detector The totallynew device from Golden detector company for gold detectors and metal detectorswe offers the best and the most powerful professional devices for treasurehunters and gold prospectors around the world.

As you would expect from a gold detector, theGMT has both manual and automatic ground balance modes. There’s also an irontarget analyzer to make identifying false targets easier, along with a “Followthe Paystreak” display which shows the levels of magnetic minerals.


While the GMT has a digital display, it’s verybasic, so don’t expect the advanced features found on more expensive models.It’s useful to have a visual display of the iron ID though.


The upside of the simple control panel is thatit’s easy to use, as the only information provided is the ground balance andamount of mineralization. There are also settings for ground balance mode,gain, audio threshold, and S.A.T speed.


A bonus is that the battery holder can hold upto eight AA batteries. This provides up to 40 hours of hunting time from oneset of batteries, although the run-time is reduced if you want to userechargeable cells.


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